Creating powerful learning environments is the core assignment of MCR trainers. The professional context and the challenges and opportunities that participants are confronted with are the starting point for all our training programs. We place emphasis on collaboration and peer learning. At the same time we take into account different learning styles and treat each learner as a unique individual with specific needs and requirements.

Through active instruction and guidance, we set participants to work. We initiate a self-reflection process, in which participants reflect on their own knowledge and then we help them develop the competencies needed for success. It is important that every participant recognizes that they are responsible for their own learning process. At the start of our training programs, we help participants to define what goals they want to achieve and how these are linked to the objectives of their team and the wider organisation. Next, we ask participants to evaluate their learning experience and to explicitly plan how they can transfer this learning to their own professional work environment. By doing so, participants know how to apply their new knowledge and skills, subsequently they continue to learn in the work place and demonstrate a sustainable change in bahaviour.