Strategy Development & Strategy Implementation

Are you developing, rethinking or refreshing your strategy or implementation plan? Do not let your “strategy” become a high-level document that gathers dust. Discover how our unique approach builds the necessary capabilities in your organisation to bring your strategy to life.

Successful and sustainable organisations have a well-defined strategy. Too often strategies remain on shelves or are only known thoroughly by a few. At MCR Consulting, we are convinced that the value of a strategy is realised by connecting the external environment with internal capabilities through an actionable implementation plan, which aligns and engages people at all levels of the organisation.

Developing your strategy

The process of strategy development can be complex, but it does not have to be complicated. Strategy development requires cooperation between the supervisory and executive board, internal and external experts, and involves lots of data, which needs to be turned into insights. It is important for these stakeholders to be aligned so that the strategy can inform structure, processes and systems, can deliver happiness to customers and can engage and inspire employees. At MCR Consulting, we are committed to managing this process, allowing leaders to focus on thinking at the strategic level, gathering the right information, discussing it and making informed decisions. As owners of this process, MCR delivers on the following:

  • We help you select and apply the appropriate models to analyse your organisational needs. Our focus on the holistic picture ensures that a thorough analysis of the external market environment and internal capabilities is conducted, which is relevant to your preferred future state.
  • Whether a Corporate, Business Unit or Operational Strategy, we facilitate the development of a clear and inspiring vision and strategy – i.e. your preferred future.
  • We stimulate a process of negotiation of meaning, allowing informed strategic decisions to be made on how you will approach the market, create value for customers and engage employees.

How to achieve and sustain success?

Developing your strategic plan

MCR Consulting supports organisations in making strategic decisions by helping them translate their preferred future into a strategic implementation plan. A strategic plan is only valuable when it clearly defines the “as-is” situation, the preferred future, strategic levers and strategic actions with metrics, timelines, owners and barriers for each lever. MCR Consulting facilitates the creation of a well-defined roadmap, which clarifies direction and generates employee accountability. During each of our interventions, we help leaders and employees to answer the following questions:

  • Are we talking about the same things? Do we understand each other? Organisational strategic goals are formulated in broad concepts (e.g. ‘growth’, ‘integration’, ‘innovation’, ‘productivity’, ‘digital’…) and this can be interpreted differently. It is paramount for success that everybody understands all aspects of the strategic implementation plan in the same way.
  • Do we agree? Everybody looks at the strategic plan from their own (functional) perspective. Disjointedness in interpretation at the top can lead to confusion lower down in the organisation. That is why it is important that everybody understands why each element of the strategic plan is included and feels motivated to put it into action.
  • Do we commit? Being motivated to implement the strategic plan is not enough. Each employee needs to actively engage in making the strategy happen.
  • Can we translate our plans into concrete actions? Commitment without action is an empty concept. As mentioned above, a strategic plan is only valuable if it can be translated into actions with measurable results, timings and a clear agreement on who is responsible for what.

Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation is one of the biggest challenges for organisations worldwide. MCR Consulting has helped over 300 organisations to translate their strategy into results. Whether you want to implement self-managed teams, move from a hierarchical to a networked structure or create a culture where customer-delight drives every action of your employees, MCR Consulting helps you facilitate this change.

Since strategy implementation is change management, you may also want to visit our page on Change Management & Business Transformation.

MCR Consulting uses its Strategy Development and Implementation framework, described above, to support organisations in the development of a clear vision, strategy, and a supporting implementation plan. For more information on our approach and how we can help you bring your strategy to life, contact us at


MCR can offer you assistance and support in the following forms (1) Process Facilitation, (2) Coaching, (3) Consulting and (4) Training.