Process Facilitation

In terms of process facilitation, our starting point is the knowledge, skills and expertise that exist within your organisation. MCR’s role is to design and facilitate a process of co-construction. Through this process, knowledge and skills are made explicit and dots are connected in a meaningfully way, this ultimately leads to the desired change.

Our process facilitators ask the right questions and stimulate debate, but we do not interfere with the content. We ensure that groups stay on track and that group dynamics remain productive. As such, groups create a shared vision, make decisions that are supported by all their peers and commit to action plans that enable implementation.

Beside the concrete outcomes or ‘products’ of our interventions, the process itself has additional value for organisations. By initiating dialogue amongst different parties, the cohesion and team spirit within the organisation is strengthened and the learning ability of the teams and the wider organisation is improved. This motivates, stimulates innovation and improves the autonomy of employees and teams when implementing the strategy, project plan and/or the desired change.