Our approach

For each of our interventions, MCR Consulting starts with the following principles:

  • The Power of Learning - People have a passion for learning; the question is “How does one ignite this passion?” Using the model of powerful environments, we co-construct a process with you, in which your employees are supported in an appropriate way with their learning. This learning leads to sustainable change in behaviour and to the intended results.
  • The Power of Conversation and Co-creation - The desired changes in any organisation are always social constructions, which only come to live if people at all level of the organisation talk about them and agree on them. MCR helps you to shape and facilitate this process of co-creation. As such, an inspiring story is created about where the organisation wants to go – in other words a story of direction, purpose, unity and optimism.
  • The Power of an Holistic Approach - When we embark on a journey with you, we always frame the challenge or issue within a greater context. A problem, a challenge or an opportunity is hardly ever a matter of strategy, leadership or team dynamics alone. By looking at all aspects simultaneously, MCR do not just treat the symptom, we address the underlying causes.
  • The Power of a Consistent Approach - When it comes to managing the human side of change, we opt for a systematic and methodological way of working that puts demands on the consistency and cohesion of the intervention.

We do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach. When we support you, we start from your context and requirements and subsequently design a process that is tailored to your organisations needs. Our approach is based on scientifically sound and proven concepts and models. We use research from organisational and instructional psychology, management, communication sciences, linguistics and sociology. We transform this input into a pragmatic and result-oriented approach for your organisation. Prior to each intervention, we undertake the following steps with you:

  • An individual interview with the client (and if appropriate, members of the management team) about the motive and the expected outcomes of the collaboration.
  • An interview with a selection of those who will take part in the intervention. If necessary this step will be combined with a number of observations in the work environment.
  • Based on the steps above, MCR prepares a proposal that outlines and describes the suggested approach and action plan. The proposal is then presented and discussed with the client.