Change Management & Business Transformation

How is your organisation bridging the gap between the “as-is” situation and your preferred future? Any transition cannot be hinged on structure, processes, and technologies alone. Change or transformation requires a clear vision, strong leadership and the right culture. Find out how our systematic and methodological way of working helps create an engaged workforce to support your change journey.

Organisations in all industries are being transformed. Many approaches to this critical business opportunity exist, yet the success rate of major change initiatives remains at a mere 30%. So what value do traditional approaches have in an unpredictable and increasingly faster moving world? At MCR Consulting, our approach is hinged on research that organisations do not change, but people do, turning the odds of success in your favour. But only if you manage the change journey appropriately.

A relational perspective on change and transformation

Bridging the gap from the “as-is” situation to the preferred future is a complex process. In order to facilitate this transformation journey, organisations need to consider (1) the rational side of change - i.e. the strategy and strategic plan and (2) the relational side – i.e. engaging employees so that they are motivated, committed, accountable and clear on what they need to do to support the strategy. However, in many cases the latter is ignored or organisations do not really know how to deal with it. Our approach is focused on a more or less constant change in behaviour as a driver of organisational transformation. The following principles guide our way of working:

  • A clear and inspiring strategy and vision – i.e. your preferred future – is key. Change has to come from the top, so we ensure that leaders are aligned and committed to the strategy, and ready to engage the rest of the organisation.
  • A well-informed implementation plan is necessary for success. This includes defining a governance structure, roles and responsibilities, timings and success metrics to ensure effective decision-making and agility in finding solutions.
  • Change is a social construct, which is brought to life through conversation and interaction. We facilitate a two-way dialogue that stimulates engagement, ownership and commitment leading to a sustainable change in mind-sets and behaviours.
  • Leadership is key to change and transformation, particularly at senior/middle management level. Therefore, we help you to define the desired behaviours from your leaders and support you in developing a leadership approach that stimulates enthusiasm for change and helps your organisational culture evolve to support your preferred future.
  • We ensure that your people are involved and engaged long before they encounter change, by utilising their expertise when appropriate as part of the strategic plan and decision process.
  • We help you to get the rest of your house in order by modifying design levers – processes, structure, digital technologies – to support the desired change. 

Do you want to discuss how MCR Consulting can drive change in your organisation? Do not be in the 70% that fail, transform through your people and contact us today.


MCR can offer you assistance and support in the following forms (1) Process Facilitation, (2) Coaching, (3) Consulting and (4) Training.